The Soul and its Creative Destiny – William Meader

Tuesday 17th May – 7pm

The Soul and its Creative Destiny – William Meader

The evolution of the Soul occurs over countless incarnations, its growth is accelerated when we consciously participate in our own spiritual development. William states: “People who are guided by their Souls are destined to bring spiritual light to Humanity.” William will examine the steps that lead the Soul toward eventual enlightenment and perfected expression. In addition, he will outline the seven types of Souls existing in the world today and what each is destined to contribute on behalf of human upliftment. Finally, he will discuss how each of us can better unfold the creative faculty of the Soul in our lives.

William’s talks are firmly rooted in the Trans-Himalayan system of esoteric thought of the Ageless Wisdom. He has established an international reputation for his ability to communicate and nurture a deep understanding of the spiritual path, and explain the complexities of abstract esoteric philosophy, in a way that provides illumination and relevance to his audiences

This is a unique opportunity for ALL Members and Associates of the TSE and interested members of the public to participate directly in a face-to-face talk to be given by William Meader. William’s presentation will follow-on from the two Zoom talks “Walking the Burning Ground” and “The Spiritual Call” presented at White Lotus Group meetings in 2021.


This event has been CANCELLED

May 17 @ 19:00
19:00 — 21:00 (2h)


William Meader