The Myth of Death


A zoom meeting hosted by Tim Wyatt

Is death an end or a beginning? Does it spell annihilation or oblivion? Or does it herald new life beyond the physical plane? Theosophy and the esoteric tradition tell us that death of the physical body is simply part of an endless cycle of re-birth in new bodies and that life continues beyond the grave.

Author, journalist and broadcaster Tim Wyatt has been exploring death and its implications for decades. The chief aim of his new work Everyone’s Book of the Dead is to de-mystify and remove the fear of death which so many people experience. Its main message is that death as popularly understood is a myth and that life exists beyond the physical plane.
This talk will examine the process of dying and the after-death realms and the process of re-birth from the esoteric standpoint. It will also analyse the mysterious workings of the intertwined Laws of Karma and Reincarnation and explore some of the highly persuasive scientific evidence for reincarnation.
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April 11


– 19:30

(1h 30′)


Tim Wyatt