The Life and Work of Alan Leo: Theosophist – Astrologer – Mason

The Life and Work of Alan Leo: Theosophist – Astrologer – Mason

A zoom meeting hosted by Ted Capstick

Annie Besant said of Alan Leo “First of all, he was a devoted student of the Divine Wisdom, and his love for the ancient Astrology was second only to that which he had for Theosophy, which was the Lamp of his life.
Of his utter devotion to the Great Beings who are the Guardians of Humanity, this found its best expression in a life of toil and sacrifice for human service, and his work will ever be his best memorial. “
Ted first got involved with the Wisdom when he became interested in and embarked on a study of Tibetan Buddhism in his early twenties. This quickly led to involvement in the Western Esoteric Tradition, the Society of the Inner Light, and a detailed study of the Qabalah and the works of Dion Fortune. The Cosmic Doctrine led to the Secret Doctrine and so onto study of the works of Madame Blavatsky.
By his early thirties he was studying the Esoteric Philosophy of Alice Bailey and in later years joined the Arcane School to complete his formal study of her work. In 1997, he was introduced to Dr. Douglas Baker, writer of over one hundred books on all aspects of esoteric science, and fifteen thousand lectures world- wide, and Ted became a member of his group, joined him and lectured on several of  his tours in England, Italy and South Africa. Ted was taught Esoteric Astrology by Dr. Baker to a professional standard and has practised this since, along with teaching the subject through workshops and courses. Ted has been a member of the Theosophical Society in England for twenty years, and spoken at the summer schools every year continuously since 2006, and is a regular speaker around the country at individual lodges. Ted started out life as a mathematician from University, but decided on a career in finance, became a qualified accountant and worked in the NHS for 32 years, leaving his final post as Head of Finance for North Wales in 2007 in order to concentrate on disseminating the Wisdom.
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