Agenda For a New Era – Tim Wyatt

Agenda For a New Era

A zoom talk by Tim Wyatt

Tuesday 26th April –  7.30pm
(Doors open 7.10)

Forecasting future events is notoriously dangerous and difficult. Given the modern pace of change, predicting events and developments even a few weeks, months or years hence usually proves wildly and hopelessly inaccurate because of the blizzard of contributory and contradicting factors along with multiple uncertainties. Things often happen without warning.

Alongside the momentous changes in the material world, huge developments are taking place on the inner planes as we move into the new age. But what might these be? In this talk Tim Wyatt explores some of the key esoteric developments which might unfold in the coming cycle such as a major spiritual uplift for humanity, the re-emergence of The Mystery Schools and major changes in attitude and behaviour.



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April 26 @ 19:30
19:30 — 21:00 (1h 30′)

Leeds, Online

Tim Wyatt